So That's Where My Money Went!

1st-corvair.jpg (97303 bytes) My first car ever was a 1965 Corvair Corsa, it had four 1 bbl carbs and a 4 speed. I guess this established me as a car nut right from the start.  Some day I'm going to find one in the right condition, and with the right options - and I just know it's going to be hard on my bank account.

OH oh happened!!  I'm now a  Corvair Corsa owner again, this one is a keeper!!

68_RS.jpg (24936 bytes) I dealt the Corsa on my first new car, a 68 Camaro Rally Sport that I bought off the showroom floor, light yellow with black. Lost most of my demerit points on my drivers license on that car and my Suzuki X6 Hustler motorcycle that I had at the time.

71 Formula.jpg (35863 bytes) Traded the Camaro on a 71 Formula, first new car that I ordered. This was the car that got me hooked on Pontiacs to this day.

72 GTO.jpg (26762 bytes) In 1972 I ordered a Trans Am, unfortunately it was caught up in the big strike at Norwood and after waiting 4 months the dealer gave me a great deal on this 455 GTO that was sitting on his showroom floor. 

72 Goat.jpg (46190 bytes) 72-GTO-Winter.jpg (121621 bytes) It's the only car that I have been able to keep track of. Mike Burkett of Orillia is it's 3rd owner and has done a total restoration on it.

Celica GT.jpg (36264 bytes) I didn't find the GTO to be that much fun and I had sold my motorcycle a few years previous so I sold the GTO and bought this 73 Celica GT and a Honda CB750 4 cylinder motorcycle.

RX2.jpg (25712 bytes) In 74 I dealt the Celica on this Mazda RX2 - the first rotary giant slayer. I put on some Adco sway bars and entered it in a lot of slalom races, wreaking havoc on the Mini Coopers if the course wasn't too tight.

75 Formula.jpg (36727 bytes) In 75 I got back on track when I dealt the RX2 on a new Formula again. I eventually dealt this one in on the 78 TA I have now.

90 Regal.jpg (42426 bytes) Eldorado 1.jpg (61217 bytes) Eldorado 3.jpg (75549 bytes) Some daily drivers along the way, 90 Regal Gran Sport, 79 Caddy Eldorado (a sports car because it had 4 wheel independent suspension, 4 wheel disc brakes and GM's first fuel injected motor - which was actually an Olds 350 with Bosch EFI) and a 72 Olds Cutlass.

68 Camaro 1986-1.jpg (72778 bytes) In 1983 I fell  off my Suzuki drag bike in a big way and took up a new hobby. I finished the restoration of a 68 Camaro convertible that 2 other guys had started and stalled out on over a period of 6 years. One had worked in a GM parts department and it came with a truck load of new parts. Thanks to Guy Kerr of Kerr Auto Body in Orillia ON (705-325-7721) for making this car better than new. 

Click for additional information on this car.

I traded the 68 Camaro on a new Silverado truck which became the "Sport Coupe", and kept it for 11 years.

GTA-4.jpg (38334 bytes) A few years back I bought a 3rd gen TA as I had never had one. This 1988 GTA now appears on Brent Vaughan's web page as I sold it to him May 1999 - Brent lives in Memphis Tennessee. Totally stock except for the BFG Drag Radials off my 78, I took it to the track one weekend, it ran 10 runs between 14.88 and 14.82 winning the Street class that day. Nice car! Brent's having fun with it too. 

 LF2.jpg (84025 bytes) In Dec 2001 I came across a mint 1960 Pontiac Catalina Tudor Sport Coupe, click the photo to see the details.

A rare 1979 Tenth Anniversary Trans Am. I came across this car by sheer luck, a friend had heard about it on the internet, it was stored in a barn in New Hampshire and I was on vacation in Maine at the time, so it was "almost" on my route home. I stopped in to see it and immediately saw that it had great potential. 

It is a W72 400 4 speed car, they didn't sell any 400/4 speeds in Canada in 1979! It had been in storage 5 years and it's owner now lives in Arizona. We negotiated for a month by internet and came to an agreement. I really wanted to save this car.

On October 8, 1999 I drove to Munroe New Hampshire to pick up my "new" TA. I put in a new battery and it started right up even with it's old gas. It's first trip in 5 years was 50' onto my trailer.

The car looks really good once cleaned up a bit. There is absolutely no rust anywhere but there is some body damage to the nose, bottom of both front fenders and a "soft" dent in the right rear fender. 

In February 2002 I was in a position to obtain another car I had wanted for a long time (remember that Corvair?!) so I sold this one to a good friend in Georgia who was looking for a good  TATA to restore - and he immediately started on it.

Thanks to Monica for protecting it from the snow and rain for all those years - the car should be back on the road soon! Besides the body repairs it is also getting a complete power train restoration - I'll keep this page updated.

2008 - How's this for an update - I now own it again!! 

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Oh oh - strayed again - another fun car followed me home - BM-1.jpg (316229 bytes)

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