2013 Mustang GT

Ordered on June 14th this 2013 Mustang was built in Flat Rock Michigan on August 14th  and delivered to the dealership on August 21st

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It's a Red Candy GT and is oriented mainly towards performance, but has upgraded interior, glass roof and electronics package including navigation.

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On the performance side it has the Brembo brake package plus the Track Pack racing option. 

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The brake package includes huge rotors with 4 piston calipers on the front.

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The Track Pack is almost as hardcore as the Boss 302 and includes several of the Boss upgrades:

revised suspension and stability system
19" x 9" aluminum rims with 255/40/ZR19 Pirelli P Zero summer only tires
6 speed manual transmission
3.73 Torsen rear differential
Boss 302 engine oil cooler and radiator
special synthetic oil

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And then there's the Track Apps option - this is a 4" display between the tach and speedo that gives you:

Virtual gauges - a choice of digital or graphic display of
Air/Fuel ratio
Air inlet temperature
Cylinder head temperature
Oil temperature
Oil pressure

Performance measurement 

G-forces, left, right, acceleration and braking

Acceleration Performance 
0-30 mph
0-60 mph
0-100 mph
1/8 mile & 1/4 mile

Choice of auto-start or Christmas tree lights that count down like the track

Deceleration Performance
60-0 mph 
100-0 mph

It saves and displays most recent plus all time best


(no laws were broken here!:)

Update - May 2015, I changed out the front grill for the California Special model as I like it better than the V6 grill that was stuck in the Canadian GT's in 2013

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I'm still a diehard Pontiac person at heart but .... I REALLY like the new Stang, I think for the $$$ it outperforms anything General Motors is offering right now 

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