2005 Sierra 2500 HD

Now this is a Truck!!

Darth.jpg (122795 bytes)  My 2002 Sierra just wasn't cutting it when it came to hauling around my TA & trailer - so I had think about up grading to something with more towing capacity.  

 HD-6.jpg (127942 bytes) Vinny-Winter-1.jpg (118302 bytes) Vinny-Winter-2.jpg (137953 bytes) In Aug/05 I was at a classic car show in Orillia Ontario that happened to take in the location of the Pontiac/GMC dealer where I had purchased my Trans Am new in 1978 - they had this one on the lot. It is equipped exactly the way I wanted it - including trailer towing package and electric extending mirrors. I've added the grill, headlights, step bars and ARE tonneau cover.  The colour was exactly what I wanted too - every other one I looked at was pewter or black. It's a crew cab with the SLT trim package

HD-3.jpg (51580 bytes)   HD-4.jpg (42179 bytes)

Another bonus on the power train - it's equipped with  the Duromax turbocharged & inter-cooled diesel and Allison 5 speed automatic, now that's HD!  I've named him "Vinny" (short for Vin Diesel). The only things I didn't like about the truck was the wimpy factory wheels & tires, and the exhaust - they had to go! The wheel solution comes from GM - the Hummer H2 chrome ones, the exhaust is Magnaflow 4" duals. 

HD-Exhaust.jpg (123372 bytes) HD-Wheels.jpg (113394 bytes) DSC018760.jpg (254286 bytes)

It's main purpose is towing a 30' trailer with a track car and rather large 'pit bike'. 2018 and it's still like new.

  HD-Trailer-2.jpg (99510 bytes) HD-Trailer-3.jpg (113023 bytes) HD-Trailer-4.jpg (129152 bytes) Vinny-2018.jpg (682990 bytes)

The Duramax doesn't lack in performance with 310 hp and 605 lb-ft of torque from the factory, but 20 minutes of installation time adds another 120 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque with the Edge Juice/Attitude. http://www.edgeproducts.com   

Edge-2.jpg (63654 bytes)  The Edge controller mounts on the corner of the dash by the A pillar. It allows you to choose from 5 power levels, 5 levels of low boost response, maximum limits and alarms for exhaust gas temperature and boost, de-fuelling for transmission gear shifts, mph based on tire diameter etc, plus will display up to 4 readings at a time (from a menu of about 12 items), plus your current power level selection, which you can change on the fly. Wow - a long way from changing carb jets and playing with timing to try and get the most out of you engine!

Quick-truck.jpg (34952 bytes) Hang on Nipper!

And now for the biggest surprise of this whole truck trading experience ...... when I went to pick it up Brad McClocklin (my Sales Rep) had placed this framed picture of the dealership's 1978 sales record for my TA on the seat! 

 78TA-Record.jpg (57422 bytes)

I want to thank Orillia Pontiac and Brad McClocklin for making the purchase of this truck a pleasant experience, and going the extra mile to dig out the info on the original purchase of my 78 TA, I highly recommend them as a place for your automotive business. www.orilliapontiac.com 


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