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Team Classic - Indy 04


Team Classic Members at Memphis 2008
(drag racing was rained out in 2009)


Participants in 2008

Dewayne Ford, Hamburg Arkansas, 1977 SE Trans Am

DF-car.jpg (86189 bytes)          Dewayne-motor.jpg (78313 bytes)       Dewayne-track.jpg (145527 bytes)      Dewayne-Auto-X.jpg (54141 bytes)        Dewayne.jpg (101805 bytes)
 The Car                     The Motor                        At the Track                             The Man

The unknown factor in this year's mix was a new guy called Dewayne Ford. He comes from the piney woods of southeast Arkansas and drives a Special Edition 1977 Trans Am packing 462 inches and a 5 speed manual transmission. Dewayne cleaned up in the drag racing winning first the street class and then the overall drag racing championship. He also won for most stylish car in the autocross event and took 3rd in the car show for the second generation category. Not too bad for a "rookie"

Jeff Creech, (AKA "The Milkman" AKA Dynacologist) Hillsborough North Carolina, 1968 Firebird

Jeff-car.jpg (94089 bytes)                Jeff-Motor.jpg (92122 bytes)                Jeff-New-Motor.jpg (78007 bytes)                Jeff.jpg (120957 bytes)
 The Car                            The Motor                      Motor To Be                    The Man

Jeff is the dark horse when it comes to this event! Recently he prepped a car that "won the race, won the ride" on one of the classiest tv episodes of PINKS, and took home the opponents car! As for this 68 Firebird, Jeff is a little evasive with details on the motor he is prepping for it - "an LS3 6.2L iron block from an 07 Caddy SUV owned by a Rap Star" - is Jeff going to bump Unique Whips off the Speed Channel?? . Jeff was too busy organizing and running the drag racing program this year run his own car - we all THANK YOU Jeff!!!


Joe Macaluso, West Chester Ohio, 1969 Camaro, 307 700R4

Joe-Mac-car.jpg (73233 bytes)                 Joe-Mac-motor.jpg (92668 bytes)                Joe-Mac-Track.jpg (60982 bytes)              Joe-Mac.jpg (77026 bytes)
The Car                              The Motor                        At the Track                    The Man

Papa Joe Mac won the street class at the last NFME and was runner up in the finals. A sweet looking car with updated performance parts hidden away this veteran could take it all this year - but once again had to settle for runner up after loosing to Dewayne Ford in the street class!


Chris Ritter (Critter), Maumelle Arkansas, 1974 SD455 Trans Am

Critter-car.jpg (34727 bytes)                Critter-motor.jpg (51379 bytes)                Critter-Start.jpg (57329 bytes)               Critter.jpg (70320 bytes)    
  The Car                    The Motor                    At the Track                    The Man 

Critter is the original member of the "FBCLPPRPG" (F Body Classic List Pontiac Powered Round Port Gang) with his performance modified 455 Super Duty. This car is running a full load with A/C and factory vinyl roof.  Unfortunately Critter's transmission gave out and he had to settle for making a few passes in Tammy's turbo Solstice, he did however take 1st place in the 2nd gen car show. Critter and Tammy grilled up the track lunch for most of Team Classic for a couple of days and also had a "food booth" at the Team Classic BBQ


Doug Jaynes, Dexter Michigan, 1970 Camaro Z28

DJ-car.jpg (83737 bytes)                DJ-motor.jpg (105693 bytes)                DJ-Track.jpg (61216 bytes)                DJ-2.jpg (92378 bytes)                MJ.jpg (88009 bytes)
  The Car                              The Motor                        At the Track                    The Man                        The Ringer ^

Doug is another PINKS veteran and has this sweet Camaro running in the 9's, and he hasn't even got those twin turbo's installed yet! Word on the street is he is substituting a ringer (son Mike) this year so he can spend more time cookin' and refilling nitrous bottles. . Doug was in the drivers seat when the Camaro beat out all others to win the Quick 12 contest. Doug and Mike were the primary chefs at this years Classic BBQ


Gordon Warren, Alpharetta Georgia, 1967 Camaro

GW-car.jpg (72908 bytes)                GW-motor.jpg (91162 bytes)                GW-launch.jpg (56184 bytes)                gw-2.jpg (76909 bytes)
 The Car                         The Motor                        At the Track                    The Man

Gordon is one of our two regular bracket racers, makes him a top contender to take it all. Those gunslinger eyes can psyche you out in the staging lanes (note to self - avoid eye contact). GW's street Camaro has slowly evolved into a full race car over the last few years - it's still a beauty though. Gordon won the race car eliminator competition but fell victim to Dewayne Ford in the overall race championship runoff.


Tom Bettiker, Black Lick Ohio, 1981 Camaro '307'

IMG_0095.jpg (53078 bytes)                Tom-Motor.jpg (112349 bytes)                TB-Bad-Motor.jpg (98913 bytes)                Tom-Track.jpg (56205 bytes)                TB.jpg (102080 bytes)
 The Car                           The Motor                     The Bad Motor                     At the Track                    The Man

The other regular bracket racer Tom is the chief supplier of "Good Times and Entertainment" for Team Classic. The main drive behind the now legendary Team Classic Parking Lot Cookout he may some day focus all his time and energy on winning this event, but not this year - he's still havin' too much fun being Tom


Marc Fillers, Ossian Indiana, 1971 Camaro Rally Sport 454 6 Speed

Marc-Car-1.jpg (100177 bytes)            Marc-Car-2.jpg (96468 bytes)           Marc-Int.jpg (113521 bytes)           Marc-Motor.jpg (97934 bytes)           Marc.jpg (103393 bytes) 

                       The Car                                    Interior                        Motor                       The Man 

Marc's 1971 Camaro Rally Sport is inspired by the Baldwin Motion Muscle Cars of the early 70's. Motivated by a twin supercharged 454 Chevy big block, and a 6 speed transmission it is a stellar performer. Interior has custom digital dash and the suspension is fully modified for auto-cross & road coarse duty - one wild ride!


Phil Boylan, Rome Georgia, 1970 Firebird Formula 455

Phil-car.jpg (108649 bytes)                  Phil-motor.jpg (81403 bytes)                Phil-track-2.jpg (59020 bytes)            Phil.jpg (68647 bytes)                Phil-Best-ET.jpg (51242 bytes)         

The Car                            The Motor                    At the Track                     The Man                New Personal Best 

This Peach Tree State racer is the 3rd member of the Round Port Gang and has been attending the NFME since the late 90's. Phil builds his own motors and transmissions and this first year second gen has gone from mid 14's to high 11's, and still runs A/C.  Phil set a new personal best ET of 11.87 at Memphis


Barry Simpson, Egbert Ontario, 1978 Trans Am WS6

BS-car.jpg (49225 bytes)           BS-motor.jpg (71926 bytes)         NDC-06-1.jpg (130575 bytes)       BS-Auto-X.jpg (51546 bytes)         BS-Hoot.jpg (98746 bytes)
 The Car                        The Motor                            At the Track                            The Man

This stock appearing 78 Trans Am is the 2nd member of the Round Port Gang and was struggling hard to hang onto it's #1 from the last NFME, Gordon Warren knocked out 'Old Blue' in eliminations this year but I will be chasing it down again in 2010 :) The car did set a new best ET of 11.376 on the track, took 2nd in the second gen car show and was great fun on the autocross course.


Brad Olson, Stoughton Wisconsin, 1978 Trans Am W72

Brad-car.jpg (72464 bytes)          Brad-Motor.jpg (78443 bytes)         Brad-track.jpg (63966 bytes)         Brad-Friend-1.jpg (80156 bytes)        Brad-Friend-2.jpg (72096 bytes)

 The Car                    The Motor                At the Track                    Brad's friends

Brad's 78 TA is equipped with a W72 400 motor and 200-4R transmission with Hurst Dual Gate shifter, so why does a 307 Camaro smoke him off every year? In spite of the help of his "friends" he never made it down the track.


Jack Wendel, Dallas Texas, 1968 Camaro with Monster Motor

Jack-car.jpg (37757 bytes)           Jack-motor.jpg (102367 bytes)             Jack-Track1.jpg (90062 bytes)           Jack-Track2.jpg (64064 bytes)          Jack.jpg (60334 bytes)
 The Car                 The Motor                                    At the Track                                      The Man

Jacks' been at this event on and off since 1997. He's won races (not recognized here as he was driving a 3rd gen Camaro), lost complete race rigs (1969 454 Camaro, trailer and Suburban tow vehicle) and blow'd up some gorgeous cars too (1969 SBC Camaro with Pro-Charger and 5 speed tranny at the last event). His latest race car is a 68 Camaro with a Reher Morrison 565 CID Monster Motor. Jack still has some start line sorting out to do, and ran out of gear by the top end of the track, but still ran a best of 9.38 at 151 mph, there's obviously a lot more in it. Lee was along as pit crew/start line chief and primary sponsor :)


Attendees from Previous Years


Mike LeJeune, Lafayette Louisiana, 1970 Camaro Z28 454 6 Speed

ML-car.jpg (66684 bytes)                ML-motor.jpg (85774 bytes)                ML-track.jpg (101081 bytes)                ML-RR.jpg (21190 bytes)                ML.jpg (77749 bytes)
 The Car                        The Motor                        Drag Strip                   Road Course                    The Man

The Ragin' Cajun has left his mark on many NFME attendees, including me, when he took me for the ride of my life on the Indy road course (oops - over cooked it a bit in that last corner!!) His show quality Z is a real contender whether running laps on the track or high 11's in the quarter mile. Mike and his brothers Stephen and Chris also keep the aromas flowing in the pits with their trade mark Louisiana cookin'.


Dave Underwood, Sarasota Florida, 1976 Trans Am

Dave-Car.jpg (34697 bytes)                Daves-motor-08.jpg (89974 bytes)                Dave-Pinks.jpg (109512 bytes)            Devastatin-Dave.jpg (78488 bytes)
 The Car                              The Motor                     At the Track                    The Man

Dave has modified his all original 76 455 4 speed Trans Am to what he wants it to be, including substituting a 1970 front end. The power train hasn't been ignored either, now 462 cubic inches with aluminum heads and built to take lots of nitrous abuse it's pushing the power through a modified TH400 and Ford 9" rear end. With the power to put it into the 9's Dave could be a serious contender in the Quick 16 class, while still enjoying the A/C on the return road. Dave is the 5th member of the Round Port Gang



Ralph Evans, Shelburne Ontario, 1973 Trans Am 455 4 Speed

Ralph-car.jpg (66713 bytes)                Ralph-road.jpg (61480 bytes)                Ralph-drag.jpg (89941 bytes)                Ralph.jpg (91598 bytes)
 The Car                        Road course                     At the Track                      The Man

Ralph restored this 73 Trans Am himself including body and paint work. The 455 is updated with a set of Edelbrock heads and a roller camshaft from Bruce Fulper of Rock and Roll Engineering (oh well, we can't all choose reputable builders) making him the 4th member of the Round Port Gang. The chassis and suspension have also been tweaked so this car is at home on both the road course and the drag strip. Ralph has won the 4 speed drag race class in the past so he is no stranger to bangin' gears.


John Oostyen, Orangeville Ontario, 77 Z28 4 speed, 78 Camaro 4 Speed

77-Camaro.jpg (77892 bytes)       78-Camaro.jpg (70192 bytes)       77-at-Indy.jpg (80158 bytes)       78-at-Indy.jpg (66575 bytes)      JohnO.jpg (100618 bytes) 
The 77                The 78             77 at the track         78 at the track         The Man

John has run a pair of Camaro's at NFME events, his all original one owner 77 Z28 4 speed and his $50 special, a purpose built road course car that he originally picked up at an estate auction for the grand sum of $50. It's now equipped with a potent small block, 4 speed transmission and Trans Am WS6 suspension (which turns it into a real car :)


Honorary Members

J.C. Akers, Raleigh, North Carolina, former 67 Camaro owner

Akers-car.jpg (114648 bytes)    Akers-interior.jpg (75929 bytes)    Akers-Motor.jpg (105272 bytes)    Akers-launch.jpg (81145 bytes)    Akers-Chris.jpg (85576 bytes)
                  The Car                            The Motor           At the Track         The Man

Chris Akers had the first Classic F-body that really shook them up at the track, everyone stopped to watch when JC made a pass. He doesn't have the Camaro anymore but is still very active in organizing the event and participates in a car that we can't show here :)


Ken.jpg (98715 bytes)            bv-gta1.jpg (34729 bytes) 
Ken Carothers             Brent Vaughan
Waco Texas                Memphis TN 

Both appear in the 1998 picture at the top of this page and have been at this event many times in the last 11 years, and both have been down the track in my car. Ken is still working on his second gen Firebird but is a regular supporter of the event. Brent arrived in his 72 Pontiac Grand Prix the first year (and  still has that car), now he brings his 3rd gen or 4th gen TA depending on how they are parked in his 6 vehicle drive :)  Brent is also in charge of accommodation for 2008 so I want to be sure I get a good room!


A BIG THANK YOU to Jeff Creech and Carolina Auto Masters
 for once again stepping up as a prime sponsor for this event!!

The best part of having toys is playing with them :)


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