The Move to Leith Ontario

Winter of 2012 - the planned buildings

House                                    Work Shop

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Spring of 2013 and a few things have changed, the zoning of the lot has a height restriction on the "accessory" building which is an issue, so the house and shop are now combined into one building.

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May - the new driveway goes in and the lot is cleared

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There is a bit of a delay waiting on septic bed test results and building permits, in July the major work resumed with the footing preparation and footings poured.

  back.jpg (390878 bytes) Footings-1.jpg (449587 bytes)  Footings-3.jpg (514156 bytes) Footings-4.jpg (481880 bytes)

The forms went up in two days and foundation was poured in one day - with a lot of machinery and manpower

Forms.jpg (338339 bytes) Forms-2.jpg (317776 bytes) Pour-1.jpg (300721 bytes) Pour-2.jpg (273447 bytes)  Pour-5.jpg (292210 bytes) Pour-8.jpg (372075 bytes)

The forms came off the next day, because of the high water table in the area, plus in floor heating, construction is slab on grade (above actually)

  Foundation-2.jpg (407705 bytes) Back-fill.jpg (336926 bytes) Back-fill-1.jpg (371051 bytes) Back-fill-3.jpg (308659 bytes)  

Backfilling is complete, ready for in floor drains and piping, then the insulation, wire mesh and heating coils before pouring the concrete

Floor-Grid-Workshop-Lift.jpg (446820 bytes) Floor-Grid-Entrance-Man-Cav.jpg (345354 bytes)  Floor-Grid-3-Garage.jpg (318376 bytes) 

The heating grid of PEX tubing is installed and the concrete poured

PEX-3-Car.jpg (372421 bytes) PEX-Man-Cave.jpg (386782 bytes) PEX-covered-Workshop.jpg (290904 bytes) PEX-none-Storage.jpg (312412 bytes)

The PEX is connected to zone manifolds

Manifold-3-car.jpg (219130 bytes) Manifold-Man-cave-1.jpg (224904 bytes) Manifold-Man-cave-2.jpg (247581 bytes) 

August 30th Floors are finished and 2nd driveway built - after winning a battle with the County over their 1 entrance per residential lot regulation

2nd-Drive-1.jpg (429872 bytes) 2nd-Drive-6.jpg (256286 bytes) 2nd-Drive-7.jpg (182196 bytes) 2nd-Drive-9.jpg (162179 bytes)

Time for some wall construction!!

Framing-1.jpg (249717 bytes) Framing-14.jpg (307352 bytes) Framing-25.jpg (353749 bytes) Framing-26.jpg (319136 bytes) Framing-27.jpg (288841 bytes) Framing-24.jpg (282052 bytes) Framing-29.jpg (223863 bytes)

Framing-31.jpg (322579 bytes) Framing-33.jpg (333320 bytes) Framing-30.jpg (267603 bytes) Framing-32.jpg (204127 bytes) Framing-35.jpg (373291 bytes)

Then some Typar house wrap to seal it up, and the electrical service is connected.

Framing-34.jpg (321469 bytes) Framing-37.jpg (238064 bytes) Hydro-3.jpg (278917 bytes)

Finally - the roof trusses arrive and installation begins

Roof-Truss-1.jpg (356563 bytes) Roof-truss-2.jpg (389544 bytes) Roof-Truss-3.jpg (335740 bytes) Roof-Truss-5.jpg (224948 bytes) Roof-Truss-7.jpg (253228 bytes) Roof-Truss-9.jpg (300700 bytes) Roof-Truss-9-1.jpg (214274 bytes) Roof-Truss-10.jpg (306424 bytes) Roof-Truss-11.jpg (439289 bytes) Roof-Truss-12.jpg (401321 bytes)

Half of the work shop roof has scissor trusses for hoist clearance - 17'6"

Scissor-Truss-1.jpg (305458 bytes) Scissor-Truss-2.jpg (219753 bytes) Scissor-Truss-3.jpg (356363 bytes) Roof-Truss-13.jpg (250207 bytes) Work-Shop-Roof-1.jpg (251877 bytes) Oct-8-2.jpg (263937 bytes) WS-Roof-from-2nd-fl-1.jpg (243486 bytes) WS-Roof-from-2nd-fl-2.jpg (326784 bytes) WS-in-WS.jpg (265657 bytes)

The roof sheathing begins - then some shingles

Roof-Sheathing-1.jpg (315364 bytes) Roof-Sheathing-2.jpg (291605 bytes) Roof-Sheathing-3.jpg (320412 bytes) Roof-Sheathing-5.jpg (357037 bytes) Roof-1.jpg (294540 bytes)Roof-2.jpg (280460 bytes) Roof-Ridge-Vent.jpg (490448 bytes)

The floor joists arrived for the second floor - we installed them in the rain

Floor-Joists-1.jpg (363217 bytes) Floor-Joists-3.jpg (323023 bytes) Floor-Joists-4.jpg (334202 bytes) Floor-Joists-5.jpg (274338 bytes) Floor-Joists-6.jpg (302156 bytes) Floor-Joists-7.jpg (320665 bytes) Oct-8.jpg (287863 bytes)   

Oct 10th the trusses for the 2nd floor arrive, some of the main beams are unloaded directly onto the 2nd floor

  Oct-10-1.jpg (365028 bytes) Oct-10-2.jpg (399153 bytes) Oct-10-3.jpg (346528 bytes) Oct-10-4.jpg (423855 bytes) Oct-10-5.jpg (326505 bytes) Front-Oct-16.jpg (280143 bytes)

It's nice to finally have part of it closed in

Storage-1.jpg (243297 bytes) Storage-2.jpg (238868 bytes)  

Aside from work on the house it was also time for the sewage septic bed - from the excavation to the finished system in 3 days, with 3 inspections

Septic-bed-area.jpg (406944 bytes) Septic-1.jpg (369123 bytes) Septic-3.jpg (367937 bytes) Septic-4.jpg (372839 bytes) Septic-5.jpg (408214 bytes) Septic-7.jpg (417589 bytes) Septic-8.jpg (353900 bytes)

Back to the house, the windows are in and the ceiling strapped in the storage area, and it a maze of wood on the 2nd floor, but it's coming together 

Oct-21-3.jpg (248570 bytes) Oct-21-4.jpg (254255 bytes) Oct-25-5.jpg (367025 bytes) Oct-25-6.jpg (314669 bytes) Oct-28-2.jpg (370273 bytes) Oct-28-4.jpg (359571 bytes) Oct-28-6.jpg (342506 bytes) nice view from up here Oct-28-7.jpg (405748 bytes)

Stepping back, it's actually starting to look like a house ....with a big garage

Nov-4-1.jpg (318095 bytes) Nov-4-2.jpg (326918 bytes) Nov-4-3.jpg (276406 bytes) Nov-4-4.jpg (234865 bytes) Nov-5-1.jpg (289742 bytes) Nov-5-2.jpg (367309 bytes)

The outside is moving along more quickly now - plus we have some doors and windows!

Nov-8-1.jpg (253103 bytes) Nov-8-2.jpg (314312 bytes) Nov-9-1.jpg (318368 bytes) Nov-10-4.jpg (314724 bytes) Nov-10-2.jpg (233096 bytes) Nov-12-2.jpg (182882 bytes) Nov-12-4.jpg (189183 bytes) Nov-12-6.jpg (202214 bytes)

Time to start moving some stuff in....before the snow flies

Nov-14-1.jpg (293633 bytes) Nov-14-2.jpg (208634 bytes) Nov-14-4.jpg (218067 bytes) Nov-16-1.jpg (219020 bytes) Nov-17-1.jpg (321815 bytes) Nov-17-3.jpg (287974 bytes)

Some roof top photos - November 14th

West.jpg (259251 bytes) North.jpg (223035 bytes) East.jpg (228873 bytes) East-2.jpg (248331 bytes) West-2.jpg (219437 bytes)

The last week of November, winter is not officially here but the snow has arrived. Fortunately everything is all closed in with only the front and back doors left to be installed, plus one window on the second floor which will be installed after the drywall is delivered through the opening

DSCN2837.jpg (246945 bytes) DSCN2597.jpg (357576 bytes) DSCN2846.jpg (405289 bytes) DSCN2849.jpg (218592 bytes) DSCN2842.jpg (214713 bytes) DSCN2841.jpg (197956 bytes)

Meanwhile work continues on the inside connecting the boiler and controls to the in floor heating system

Heat-1.jpg (262544 bytes) Heat-2.jpg (294263 bytes) Heat-3.jpg (273545 bytes) Heat-4.jpg (253499 bytes) Heat-5.jpg (273732 bytes)

and installation of the foam insulation has started

Insulation-1.jpg (266612 bytes) Insulation-2.jpg (248847 bytes) Insulation-3.jpg (253193 bytes) Insulation-4.jpg (274993 bytes) Insulation-5.jpg (275608 bytes) Insulation-6.jpg (222029 bytes) Insulation-7.jpg (289936 bytes) Insulation-8.jpg (328689 bytes)

The insulation was finished the 2nd week in January and the heat is on, most of the exterior was finished by the end of January - the snow is getting deep!

DSCN3274.jpg (156719 bytes) DSCN3273.jpg (165665 bytes) DSCN3277.jpg (139661 bytes) DSCN3324.jpg (216396 bytes) DSCN3279.jpg (142682 bytes) DSCN3328.jpg (184116 bytes)

The work shop is finished inside except for trim work, the garage is being used by the contractor for the finishing work, everything is stuffed in the storage bay

DSCN3769.jpg (124875 bytes) DSCN3770.jpg (122730 bytes) DSCN3772.jpg (127215 bytes) DSCN3771.jpg (116706 bytes) DSCN3246.jpg (124771 bytes) DSCN3250.jpg (164386 bytes) DSCN3314.jpg (143598 bytes) DSCN3767.jpg (209683 bytes)

April 13th - finally the snow is disappearing

DSCN3766.jpg (246485 bytes) DSCN3776.jpg (286310 bytes)

Move in date was July 17th 2014

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