PONTIAC Builds More Excitement!

I bought my Grand Prix GTP in the fall of 1997. On Easter weekend 1998 it became the first GTP converted to a GTX by SLP (also know as Zeke's) in Montreal, Quebec . 


  This car has killer looks and runs quicker than some of it's namesakes on the plate.

GTX-Intake.jpg (65404 bytes) The conversion consisted of a new functional Ram Air hood, new air box and K&N cone filter that feeds directly into the supercharger with no bends. The air box is ducted into the hood and the fender. To help the transmission live a long and happy life I installed a B&M Supercooler. 

GTX-Exh-1.jpg (44340 bytes)  Also included was a new stainless steel cat back exhaust system - dual 2.5" with 4 outlets. 

GTX-Exh-2.jpg (57407 bytes) It's nicely integrated and has a really nice growl.

Pont Enthus Mag Article.jpg (117241 bytes) Being the first GTX in Canada it was featured in the July 98 Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine.  It was Pontiac weekend at Grand Bend Motorplex and my wife became bored while I was racing my Trans Am so she made a few passes in the GTX. It caught the eye of the editor of Pontiac Enthusiast, while my highly modified Trans Am race car was completely ignored!! Oh....she kept winning and winning, eventually losing in the final round when she went a little too quick and broke out after passing her opponent well before the finish line! Supercharged motors really like the cool night air!

June-04.jpg (98109 bytes) Six years and 230k km later it's still looking good and going strong!

GTX-4.jpg (116667 bytes) OUCH!!  July 4th 2005 - an inattentive driver accidentally lands a knock out punch to the car with the biggest grin per mile factor I've ever owned.

GTX-6.jpg (129692 bytes) A trip to the trauma unit confirmed the worst - the GTX couldn't be saved :(


Dec 10, 1996 - July 4, 2005.... Will be missed by all who enjoyed the outstanding looks & performance of this car :(

It's Legacy

4 Goodyear Eagle GS 225/60/16
4 Yokohoma AVS 225/60/16
4 Toyo FZ4 245/50/16
4 Michelin XGT V4 225/60/16
4 Yokohoma AVS db 225/60/16
4 Michelin Hydro Edge 225/60/16
1 Alternator
1 Water pump
1 Supercharger
1 Rack and pinion (warranty at 200k)
2 Front strut bearing plates
2 Complete brake jobs
3 Front hub ABS sensors

The replacement - I tried a new GTP with the Competition Group option and didn't like it as much as the previous model, so I bought a low mileage 2002!

GTP-02-1.jpg (69401 bytes) GTP-02-2.jpg (59421 bytes) The "good" stuff like the ram air hood, air box and exhaust have been transferred over, the 9TZ GTO vanity plates and the GTX emblems probably won't.

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