Cadillac CTS-V

First - the Good Stuff!!

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400 Horsepower LS6 Engine

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Tremec 6 Speed Manual Transmission

The Car

Redline Red with Neutral Interior - this one is named "Elvis". It's a long story but I saw my first CTS-V in Memphis Tennessee in 2005 while at a car event there. It was Redline Red also and from the moment I started the motor I knew I had to have one some day!

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Mandatory modification - A Magna-Flow cat-back exhaust system installed by Steve Bowen of Alliston Carline Muffler - it no longer sounds like an old man's Caddy!! :)

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The other parts that change a regular CTS into a CTS-V

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Sport suspension and huge Brembo brakes front and back

And on the Canadian cars only - a 300 MPH speedometer!!

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The latest info on the CTS-V can be found here:

The other red car

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